Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas time!

One of the fun things we look forward to each year is the cute Christmas pillowcases that Grandma Proctor so lovingly spends her time sewing for us. When I put them onto the kids' pillows, I threw them down on the ground and they both ran and flopped down on them together! It was so cute. The other pic is the turbo quick pic I took of them while on Santa's lap. (Yes, we are those people that say no to the picture takers and then capture our own moment.) Notice Santa being reluctant to smile in order to teach us a lesson that we better pay up next year if we want a good pic! Ha! Merry Christmas to you too, big guy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Funny Tidbits from Madelin!

Mom: "Madelin, what are you going to ask Santa for when you sit on his lap?"
Madelin: "A treat!"
Mom: Madelin, I know you love candy but Santa doesn't make candy! He makes toys! So, pick a toy!"
Madelin: "No, I just want a treat."
Then, at the mall:
Santa: "What do you want for Christmas little girl?"
Madelin: "Something chewy!" (Sugar addict)
Santa: "Ho Ho Huh?"
Anyway, that is my funny little girl whose only christmas wish is that she can have some candy!
Slim Jims are chewy, maybe I'll stick a few of those in her stocking and save us a sugar high!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My neice Sydney!

One of my best friends in this world, Melissa just had her first babe. She is like a sister to me, so I'm claiming her babe as my neice. This is just a pic of me and the cute little stink. Isn't she beautiful? There's nothing like a brand new baby. Sooo tender. The other pic is of me and my four best friends from high school. Lots of super silly memories with them gals. Melissa is the one on the far left with the belly! The pic was taken at her baby shower. Christin is the one with gorgeous dark hair and the other belly (due mid December), and Sara is the one with the colgate smile and white hat to match. Ha! These girls are so significant in my life and have been a big part of turning me into what I am today. I love them to pieces. We are all so different from eachother, yet it is so easy to just pick up where we left off, no matter how long it's been since the last time we chatted. Cheers to life long friends.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The babes were laughing at eachother when they saw eachother in costume for the first time.

Sorry for the title, but my funny mom used to call it that and I had to carry on the tradition. Well, it was decided very early on what Madelin would be for Halloween. She is obsessed with The Wizard of Oz and wanted very much to be Dorothy. We were lucky enough to have a friend (Andie) who was Dorothy last year, so we borrowed it and the witch costume for me too. I made the Lion for Owen, which I am proud to say turned out quite adorable. And Brett's costume consisted of a cheapo $5 Scarecrow hat & glove set out of Oriental Trading mag, and a plaid shirt from Saver's. (He always gets the short stick) Ha! Some of you might remember the flower hat I made him wear in '05 when Madelin was a ladybug and I was a butterfly. The little pig in these pics is Owen's girlfriend Mya, who lives next door. The Cinderella is Madelin's good friend Graysen, who she loves to pieces. Happy Halloweenie a month late!

A trip to Colorado

About a month and a half ago we went out to Colorado for my beginner hunter of a husband to take some lessons from his sister's husband, Brock, who has hunted his whole life. They didn't get anything but it was fun for Brett anyway. Me and the kiddos got to hang with Steph and the new babe. We went to a pumpkin patch, and got some good pics. The guys went floating down the river in the rain. (Crazy) It was so fun even though we just hung out for most of it. It was good be with them and see what a cute mama Steph is. Rylee is so darling and she's even cuter with some squish on her! Madelin loves being the big cousin and mothering the babes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More to come, I promise!

Little Owee is sick today with strep and a double ear infection! He just woke up, so blogging is done for now. I'll add more later (Probably at 11:00 p.m.)xo-Selena

Madelins' first day of preschool!

Madi-loo-hoo looooves preschool. I am not surprised because she thrives on friends and just socializing. Plus she thinks she is twelve and talks like she is seven so I knew she would just eat it up. These pics are from her first day of school. She was beside herself with excitement. Thanks go to aunt Ruth who provided the back to school apparel (intended for last year but madelin is teensy). She looks so old in these pics to me. Sorta sad how time flies. We love our Madelin though. She never stops. For family home evening last night we talked about tithing. (Thanks Sophia for the awesome packet) We placed 10 pink peanut M&M's in front of her and asked if she would be willing to give just one of them to Heavenly Father since He had given them all to her. She very eagerly replied, "Yes, I would and I would give one to Jesus too!" Today, while driving in the car she said, "mom, when I go to heaven I am going to bring Heavenly Father and Jesus a whole bag of peanut M&M's!" That just tells you how she thinks and never forgets anything. You can never tell her something and hope she'll forget. She WILL remember. Then just a few minutes later she said "mom, I am gonna ask Santa if I can ride in his sleigh and he might say no since there are no car seats in there, but I will just ask to sit on his lap and hold on tight." (We watched Polar Express the other night, so I guess that's where that came from. She is constantly thinking. I am so grateful to have such a bright and happy girl! (Even if it is exhausting) :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's coming!

So, we just spent about a month without a computer! Thought I'd die! I completely forgot that I have the yellow pages sitting in my tornado of a junk droor! I was just gonna drive aroung and find a store one day because I couldn't google where it was located! Such a nerd. Then I remembered the good ol' yellow pages! Our computer crashed just as I was about to get on-line and blog it up! Plus I was gonna order pictures from like this whole summer! Imagine the horror when I thought I would never see those pics again! Luckily they were able to recover all my important computery goodies, including the whole summer of pictures of my darling babies. Anyway, just wanted to let all yall know why I dropped out of the loop in such a major way! A new ginormous post of a blog is comin'! xo-Selena

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ee- I - Ee - I - O!

Thanksgiving point has this cute little farm we have been told about a thousand times. We finally went since it's 3 minutes away and only costs three and a half bucks to get in. Madelin loved riding the pony and having a chance to throw on the old cowgirl boots. She even got to help milk a cow. Owen loved chatting with the goats through the fence. It was a good time!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bear Lake

Madelin in her baggy swimsuit, overdoing the hands on the hip pose

We went to Bear Lake at the end of July. It is something my mom's side of the family has done for years. I grew up going there and have years of wonderful memories there with my cousins, boating, water skiing, getting thrashed around on those boating tubes together, playing in the sand, roller blading, hunting for boys, etc. Madelin had so much fun playing with what I call her cousins. Really they are my cousins kids and since my cousins are like my sisters, that's what they are. They rode their little bikes around and kicked balls around on the grass and played in the sand. There are pictures here of my cute uncle Tom giving Madelin a little pull around ride on his sail boat. She thought that was awesome. My cute aunt Diane planned it and let us stay in her condo with her. She had such fun things for the kids to do. A pinata filled with loads of candy, a saw dust money search, little crafts to do. She is so great. Aunt connie had goody bags for all the kids so they really got spoiled. It was really nice to spend a whole weekend with everyone together. I love my cousins and aunts so much. They are all so good to me. It was really easy to think of my mom the whole time and miss her even more, because my aunt Marian looks more and more like her the older she gets. My mom was like 10 years younger but aged so much in that last 3 years of being so sick. It feels like I am hugging her when I hug Marian, and feels like I am holding her hand when she reaches over and holds my hand. It makes me miss her, but I love the feeling too. Anyway, sorry to get sad, but it was a really wonderful weekend with some of the people I love most in the world.

Brett finding a new way to contain our spastic toddler

The sugar addict finding all the tootsie rolls she can

Me and my supermodel in denial cousin Amy

Benjiman George Goes to Texas!

My little Madelin is crushed that Ben is leaving. She really has no idea how long two years is, but she does know that she loves uncle Ben sooo much and that it is a very sad thing that he has left. She is a little relieved when I tell her that he is going to teach people about Jesus, but not much consolation as she does love him to pieces. You will be missed Ben, but we are proud you chose to be there. xo
p.s. Thanks for saving the day LuWain! I showed up like an idiot in my capris, thinking I would only need casual apparel for the MTC. (Never been there before) LuWain busted out a long denim skirt from the dark corners of her closet so that I could be appropriately dressed for the occasion. Sorry for the extra stress on what was already a hard day for you! Gosh, I'm a nerd!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Madelin!

Madelin is a month! Again, sorry for the tardiness. She had a little party with all blue stuff. Blue, cakewith blue Mn'M's. She is obsessed with blue right now and has to eat out of a blue bowl with a blue spoon every morning. Her favorite movie right now is The Wizard of Oz. She is getting ready to start preschool and is soooo excited about it. She is always talking about going to school. I am excited for her because, even though I'm just her mom talkin', I can safely say that she is one smart cookie! She talks like she is 7ish and is really quite the conversationalist. She knows all her letters' sounds and has moved onto the sounds that letters make together (like sh and ch). She loves to learn so it is really fun to teach her. She is still the little social butterfly and never stops asking strangers what their names are. At times she feels so bold to ask for their snacks & treats etc. She is loads of fun. I am so grateful for such a bright and loving little girl. She is one of my best friends in the whole world. I love you Madi-loo-hoo! xo-mama

Happy Birthday Owen!

Owen is a month! Sorry I am so slow goin' at this blog stuff. We had a fun little party over at Grandma's house. Of course Luwain took care of everything and made it really easy on me since Madelin's B-day was right around the corner. He is sooo much fun! He has gotten so silly and hyper and just makes us laugh all the time. He has taken a few steps just starting this last week, but nothing regular yet. He is all over the place though, because he can crawl at the speed of lightning. He is learning a little sign language and thinks he is so cool when he does it. He says a few words here and there, which is so fun to see. He makes a dog sound when our dogs get excited that someone is at the door. He is my little snuggler and I am so happy he is part of my life. He brings me so much happiness and has really made it easy to go from one babe to two. He was good from the day he was born. We love you Owee! xo-mom

Friday, July 25, 2008

Big Long Catch-Up Blog

Happy Birthday America! Strollin' to the 4th's neighborhood festivities.

A little boost from a hansom stranger.

For the 4th our neighborhood had a big BBQ and a bunch of big blow up play things. Madelin could have done it for hours but she would have passed out from the heat. So we didn't stick around long. My cute dad got up on there and played with her. He had a close call, but gracefully caught himself without breaking any bones. I laughed till I cried, which I am sure embarrassed more, but it was some quality humor.