Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's about damn time!

Yeah, yeah, I's about damn time I jumped on the blog train! I just needed a little shove from my good friend/sister-in-law/blog tutor , Jackie! Thanks Jack, you're a peach! Well, here we are, so cool with our own website! What do I write? Seriously folks. Bear with me. How 'bout I just start with some pics of my darling kids and maybe I'll get better at the text as time goes on. Man I suck. Take note that it is after 11:00 p.m. when I am finally able to even post a paragraph. Wish me luck.


Jacquelyn said...

You did it girl! :)
Those pictures your friend took are d... cute!

Momila said...

Welcome to the wide world of blogging!! Cute pics of the babes!!
If it weren't for blogs I wouldn't know what MY OWN grandkids are up to! So now I can spy on yours, too. Fun fun!
XO to the Proctor clan!

Steph&Brock said...

Yes it is about damn time you got on the bandwangon...just kidding...I just started too ;) Can't wait to see those cute kidos next week...and you and Brett of course! (notice it's 4am..I can't sleep and feel like one of those people who hack computers all night)

adams fam said...

you said damn