Friday, April 18, 2008

Madi-loo-hoo is what we call her. She is the friendliest girl in town. Everywhere we go she asks EVERYONE "what's you're name?" The checker, the bagger, the customers, the people at the park, anyone that comes to our door. She sings songs and talks in full conversation all day...and she's been doing it since she was very tiny. Her new favorite thing to do is to put all of her babies and stuffed animals in one huge pile in the corner of the couch, so they are "all safe together, and no one will get taken by the bad guys."This comes from me trying to get her to stay close by me when we go places, and I've told her that the bad guys will get her if she gets too far away from me. Kinda mean to instill fear in her, but it works so far. Another thing she really loves right now is when we read to her. She is in love with the idea of having us focus all our attention on her. The minute Brett gets home she says, "daddy, read to me!" She is too cute to say no to. So, before he gets in comfy clothes or even eats dinner (@ 8:00 p.m.), he will read a book to her. He is whooped, it's true. She can't just pull one book off the shelf. She wants to read all the books. She has her typical 2 moments every day, but over all she is such a happy part of our lives.


J & K said...

I totally scare my kids on purpose so they will listen and stay close!! I don't think they have been too scar'd!! Mad. is too cute!! I can just hear her cute voice!