Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Boyfriend Harry

Brett is out of town this weekend, so we invited my friend Stephanie and her little boy Harrison (we call him Harry) over to play tonight. Madelin and Harry have a love/hate relationship...mostly love. They were running out on the back balcony in their jammies screaming little short, weird screams, and then running back inside. They are so cute together. Here is a pic of them that Steph (his mom) took. She took thrse other cute pics in my previous posts. She is one of my good friends I will keep forever. She is one of those kind I talked about in my profile. The ones you can go without talking to forever, and then you can just pick up where you left off and it is comfortable and fun to be around them. XO to you Steph!


kt said...

Well, we just started a blog too and I think you're blowing us out of the water! Cute pictures and stories! We miss you guys. We're glad we get to see you next weekend.

J & K said...

How cute is Harry??? Way to go Madeline!!!