Friday, April 18, 2008

Now Owen is a million smiles a day. Couldn't have gone from one babe to two without him. He is such a good baby. He is changing so fast. His new thing is standing up to everything. He pulls himself up to the shoe basket, his bottom drawer in the kitchen that has all the kids dishes in it, the couch, the benches at the kitchen table. It is so funny to see. I will add pics of it soon. His teeth are all coming in at once. He has four on top and two on bottom, all withing about a month and a half. He crawls up your feet and tries to chew on your ankles like a little critter. He loves his sister and gets sooo excited when she comes in the room after waking up from her nap. It's like he misses her when he is awake and she's not. He is a cuddler, which I love. He will just bury his face in my neck when he starts to get sleepy. Mostly he gets around by army crawling, with an occasional, up -on-all-fours sprint. We love him to pieces.