Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There's no place like home!

Well I feel a little boastful, but here it is. A few peeps have asked me to post the house on my blog, so they could have a peak. It is fun and really nice to have our own place. Madelin and I get along better now because, even though it is a new, nice is our house to destroy with every day toddler type activities such as; coloring on walls, breaking dishes, spilling fun & colorful things on the carpet, etc.... LuWain was always so very sweet about such events taking place while we were living in her house. For example: the time Madelin puked all over LuWain AND her couch. XO to you LuWain. You truly are the best Mom/Grandma/friend ever!


Jeana said...

Selena, You have decorated it so cute! I am still so happy for you guys.

J & K said...

Your house is so cute!! I love to see other people's houses. You get great ideas from them- like I love your garage doors!!! Love them!!

Marcus & Lindsay said...

Selenda, It's Lindsay Davis from Jordan. I got your site from the profile. Darling kids!! I actually was just talking to Amy Epperson about you last month. She's in my ward. She went on and on about how much they loved you. Anyway, congrats on the house. I'm so happy your life is good. Hope to see you at the reunion.