Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grandma Cathy

I haven't written about Mother's Day yet because, needless to say, it is a hard day for me. But I have to say that all in all, it was a good day this year. We went to church and then we headed off to Salt Lake to go visit grandma Cathy's grave. I talk to Madelin a lot about how she is in heaven. Madelin asks what she's doin' and I tell her she's hangin' out with Heavenly Father and Jesus. Madelin's reply every time is, "I wanna hang out with them too!" So when we got there it was like she was ready to just hang out. She helped me put water in the vase and put her purple iris in it. Then she gathered yellow dandelions to put in the vase, so they could float in the water and make it prettier. Then she showed Grandma Cathy her somersaults all around the headstone. It was so nice to have her there with me. Even though having kids that don't know her is one of the hardest parts about her being gone, it is also what makes it a light and happy thing to visit her. Owen just sat very still in the grass, unsure if he wanted to crawl around in it. Brett had such a sweet idea to color over the headstone with paper and this is the picture. Madelin's middle name is Cathy so she thought this was pretty cool. That night we had all of Brett's family and my pops over for some grub. Luckily I have thee best Mother-in-law there is, which helps fill the hole in my heart. XO to you LuWain!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Owen's bag 'o Tricks

Now how do I get out?
I got this!

Owen is changing every second and he seems to be aware of how cool he is when he learns how to do something knew. My favorite thing he does now is point with one finger to random things and says "goook." It is so cute because he really emphasizes the ooo part and puckers his lips & furrows his brow like he is really trying to tell you something. I don't have a pic of that YET because it is such a spontaneous thing, but I'll be workin' on it. Here are some pics of him climbing all the way into the tupperware cupboard after emptying it, standing up to his drawer in the kitchen (kids plastic dishes) to practice his sippy cup skills, and then some of him with his hand caught in the cookie jar. (A ginormous animal cookie jar from Costco) Hope you like 'em.

Ha ha! I got cookies!!!
Back off Darla!
Diggin' for treasures!

Mission complete!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fishy Fun with Friends

So, it has been about a month since we took these pics, but I am still struggling to find the bloggin' fever! I promise to do better. We went to the Aquarium in Sandy with our friends from Orem, who Madelin misses soooo badly. I do too, but my girl really thrives on friends. Well, we spent ime lookin at fish and petting sting rays (de-stung stingrays). All her girlfrinds from Orem are like two years older, but Madelin keeps up since she talks like she's five. After the Aquarium we went to a store my friend Amanda got me addicted to. She is like me and loooves a good bargain. It's Down East Clearance Center in SLC. They have loads of pottery barn kids stuff with names on them for ultra cheap. We found rolling backpacks for Madelin and Owen and had lots of fun rolling them around in them when we got home. Here are a few more pics from that day. The one of Madelin and her girlfriends is blury but it is funny to see her with all the big girls and loving it.