Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A 'lil trip

Brett and I got the chance to be treated to a 'lil trip to California. We Went to Disneyland & Sea Word. My step brother Michael works at Disney and got us in. We got to go kayaking out to some caves on the ocean, where there were a bunch of Sea Lions to see up close. We hung on the beach the last day and played in the water and fried ourselves in the sun. 'Twas good fun. Once again Luwain was a saint and watched the kids all weekend, with some help from Jen & Jack. Thanks ladies! Madelin and Owen had loads of fun with you.

Happy Father's Day

So, I am little late...but better late than never. You will start to notice a trend in my blogging. A whole months worth of stuff all in one big long thang! Here are some pics of our hard working daddy, who we know will never let us go hungry! Anyone who knows what a workin' maniac Brett is, knows what I mean. Thanks for all you do to keep us goin' Brett. We are so grateful. Madelin and Owen both love their daddy to pieces. Mmmmuah!!
Madelin loves to help dad with stuff...fixin' the cars, makin' the fence, layin' out the sprinkling system, etc. (she's really quite handy like her pops.) Owen loves dad to teach him words. Brett asks Owen "where's the clock?" and he points right at it and attempts to say it. It is sort of their thing. He won't really do it for me or anyone else. We love you. XO!

One More Pic

Forgot to include my favorite pic of Madelin and Tyler. They rode on the front of my stroller the whole day.


We went to the zoo a few weeks ago with my cute cousin Heidi and her two kiddos. (Whitney & Tyler) Madelin is about a year and a half younger than Tyler and a good foot and a half shorter. They have become really good buddies these past few months and it is fun to see them play. Madelin loves older kids since she talks like she's 7, so she is lovin' her Tyler. She is only a year older than Whitney, so they will be really close as time goes on too. So fun. My cousins are as close as it gets for sisters (on my side) so I am so glad that my kids can have some pretend cousins through them. :)
Madelin loves the Merri-go-round! She calls it the Mullberry-bush-go-round.
She always chooses the Zebra. Here are some pics of us on the new one they've
got at the zoo. Owen looks scared, but he really did like it.