Friday, July 25, 2008

Big Long Catch-Up Blog

Happy Birthday America! Strollin' to the 4th's neighborhood festivities.

A little boost from a hansom stranger.

For the 4th our neighborhood had a big BBQ and a bunch of big blow up play things. Madelin could have done it for hours but she would have passed out from the heat. So we didn't stick around long. My cute dad got up on there and played with her. He had a close call, but gracefully caught himself without breaking any bones. I laughed till I cried, which I am sure embarrassed more, but it was some quality humor.

St. Louie

We just got back from a trip to St. Louis Missouri. That is where we went to school and lived for 3 years so we have a lot of old friends and a wonderful ward we left behind, etc. What brought us there was the priceless opportunity to see our friend be married in the temple. His name is Steve Baker and Brett went to school with him and became great friends from hours of studying together. He took the discussions and was baptized while we were in school so, as you can imagine, it was cool to see him take that next step toward eternal progression.

Madelin and Kayleigh had loads of fun together. They would giggle and squeal and laugh and sing. Then they would fight and cry and scream. Then they would start all over with the fun stuff, and then repeat the fighting. We got to stay with our really good friends, The Davis's . They bought our old trailer when we moved so it was kinda fun to be back there, believe it or not. The kids and I stayed for a whole week and never ran out of fun things to d and old friends to see. Thanks for getting married Steve, so we could have a legit reason to fly out. :)

Owen with his little buddy Kaden

On our way to the zoo with my good friend Betsy and Madelin's little friend Taya. They drove 6 hours from Arkansas so we could be together for probably the last time ever. Thanks Alex for being so nice and letting her spend the gas money! You are loved!

Madelin two summers ago, standing by the same penguin you see below. Man time flies!

Owen suffocating the penguin.

Madelin and Owen by the penguins. You can see by Owen's face that it was a hot day!

Madelin and her friends Taya and Gwyn with a sleepy monkey behind them.

After the Zoo!

Just me and the kids flyin' stand-by! Scary! We did well, considering.

Family Camp-out

This is us camping on the weekend of the 4th. We didn't reserve a spot because we really can't plan ahead with Brett's work. So, we drove up past all the campgrounds and into the wilderness, where they say if you want it take it and plop and camp. We had fun cooking foil dinners and cooking biscuits over the fire to eat with yummy honey butter. Madelin was terrified of the black hole we call an outhouse so I tried to get her to potty in the shrubs. Not gonna happen. So my next attempt was sorta joking out of frustration when I said, "do you want to be a baby and I'll put one of Owen's diapers on you to pee in?" She said "uh-huh!" real quick to that one. So luckily Madelin is teensy tiny and fit into a size 3 diaper. Lesson learned... Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Summer Water Fun

These are just random pics of fun water parties and swimmin' we've done with friends. Madelin has just barely made a break through and will swim with a life jacket on without totally clinging to me in fear. We are so proud and swimming is much more fun for all of us.

Rodeo Kids

We went to the Rodeo here in good 'ol Lehi. We were gonna go without kids with some other couples, but Brett never sees the kids. So, we slapped on our hand-me-down hot pink cowgirl boots and off we went. Madelin loved it. She kept saying, "I want to try that mommy!!" with each new thing they did she got more and more mad that she wasn't the one out there. It was a late night for kids, but hey, it's summer and they were entertained.