Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas time!

One of the fun things we look forward to each year is the cute Christmas pillowcases that Grandma Proctor so lovingly spends her time sewing for us. When I put them onto the kids' pillows, I threw them down on the ground and they both ran and flopped down on them together! It was so cute. The other pic is the turbo quick pic I took of them while on Santa's lap. (Yes, we are those people that say no to the picture takers and then capture our own moment.) Notice Santa being reluctant to smile in order to teach us a lesson that we better pay up next year if we want a good pic! Ha! Merry Christmas to you too, big guy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Funny Tidbits from Madelin!

Mom: "Madelin, what are you going to ask Santa for when you sit on his lap?"
Madelin: "A treat!"
Mom: Madelin, I know you love candy but Santa doesn't make candy! He makes toys! So, pick a toy!"
Madelin: "No, I just want a treat."
Then, at the mall:
Santa: "What do you want for Christmas little girl?"
Madelin: "Something chewy!" (Sugar addict)
Santa: "Ho Ho Huh?"
Anyway, that is my funny little girl whose only christmas wish is that she can have some candy!
Slim Jims are chewy, maybe I'll stick a few of those in her stocking and save us a sugar high!