Friday, January 30, 2009

Sibling Maintenence

Madelin is known to be caught when owen is waking from naptime, to be in owen's crib, his socks off, pickin' out the toe jam with much purpose and conviction. Talk about unconditional love. It has become routine. She also loves to scrub his feet in the bath. This moment was worth catching with the camera. Just a little post-breakfast jam pickin'! I died....laughed out loud by myself at this one. Owen just kicks back and watches the seriousness of Madelin's findings. Maybe ya had to be there, but it was funny stuff.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Funny Madelin... again!

I cut Madelin's hair three days ago. When we were cleaning up I asked her to take my scissors and comb and put them on my bathroom counter. I specifically said "don't play in there, just come right back out." Well, she played... and she cut a small snip out of her hair, right in front. It isn't too bad or noticaeable, so i am not posting a pic of it. The funny part is that I told her 'no treats for 3 days' since this is by far the most horrible thing that could happen to her (in her mind), and at the moment I was rather miffed. So today, on the third day, she is begging for a treat. She got a cough drop and she felt really lucky! Just now she looked at a pack of gum sitting on the counter and asked, "mom, why does gum have to be a treat?" I said "I don't know, it just is. Sorry." Then she said "it's because Heavenly Father sent it here to be a treat.....and Jesus did too." So cute and so funny!! She always makes me giggle. I love her. That's all, just had to share!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A few more Christmas trailers!

These are just a bunch of random pics from the holiday season. Hope you enjoy!
The shepherd rockin' out to jingle bells after the preschool nativity scene performance.

It would appear that Mary is giving birth, but she is really just sitting that way. Mary was played by Madelin's good friend Sadie. She is about a foot taller than Madelin and so they are so cute together when they play.

They had Christmas cookies to decorate. Madelin wanted to just eat the frosting straight out of that costco sized container! That's me patroling right behind her so she doesn't eat a gallon of it.

Mary and Joseph knocking at the inn

Little miss Shepherd

Madelin proudly holding my friend Melissa's baby Sydney.

Cinderella with jammies underneath singing so seriously,
"A dream is a wish your heart makes."

Owen getting his eyebow sucked by his cousin Rylee

Just lounging in the loot!

My awesome, picture perfect kids in their Christmas Jammies!

Owen wrestling baby Rylee. Poor girl.

Owen getting his ear sucked by his cousin Rylee!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another tidbit from Madelin

"You have two choices, mom!"

"oh, really? What are they"

"You can either give me 3 skittles or 5"

"How 'bout none since you're bein' bossy?"


"ok, just 3"

This comes from the several times a day that I give her two choices just so she feels like it's her idea and she is a little happier with the end result. Man, she's a lil' fire cracker! The fishin' on the potty pick is for blackmale's sake when she is older! She is my source of happiness, daily! So funny!