Monday, February 23, 2009

Late Valentine Blog!

So, Brett Wayne and I went skiing for my second time ever and his millionth. He was so sweet and patient as I crash dummied my way through the day. (Thanks sweetie) At the end, I made him take a run or two by himself so he could do some of the advanced stuff. I will admit I did pretty dang good for a beginner, and for being on of the most accident prone people I know; but I am bruised and ultra sore now! 'Twas a beautiful and sunny day. We were sweatin' under our coats. Thanks go to Jennie for the use of her skies, poles, and helmet. (Which got good use since I smacked myself in the head with my pole while trying to keep my balance!) Ha, such a nerd. Also, thanks to Jackie and Hillary for watching our kiddos so we could spend the day together.

About a month ago my handi-man hubby built food storage shelving for me. The first one is rolling racks for canned stuff. (Got the idea from the Bunderson's) I love 'em! The other is just normal shelves. It is so nice the have space for all that kind of stuff. Thanks Bob! (The builder)

The older they get, the more they play together and take care of each other and get along. Yes, they still have daily thrashings on one another and always will, it appears, but they really do love eachother.

Brett and I aren't big fans of waiting three hours to sit down at a restaurant on V-day. So, we stayed home, got chinese take-out, and had a candle light dinner with the kids! They loved it. Luckily I was smart enough to strap Owen into his chair before I lit the candles. When I lit them he said "oooooo!" If you are ever looking for a good chinese place, Chin-Wah in Sandy is delicious! It made for yummy leftovers for lunch, after church the next day!

Owen eating Avacados while we waited for dad to get back with the grub. He calls them "cados"

Madelin's chocolate covered strawberry. (She eats the chocolate only) Just as she eats the frosting and not the cookie or cake, or the 'frost' off of frosted mini wheats and never the wheat!

Madelin being cheesy about the valentine 'scene', if you will.

Our Sweet Darla is due in a few days with 7 babies!

We love our doggies!
Madelin takes good care of them and tucks them in for naps!

sibbling snuggle on the bean bag! (Thanks Melissa)We use that thing to death!