Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quick Easter Picks!

My sweet neighbor and good friend Leah got herself a nice camera a few months back. She made the mistake of telling me she needed practice and would take pictures of my kids any time. After church today I harassed her to take some easter pics. Here is a snip- it of our photo shoot with my not-so-cooperative kids.....
Madelin yelling HAPPY EASTER!, while a shrap of my windblown,
traverse mountain hair rests backwards on my headband. Owen scowling.
Owen pretending he's on a roller coaster
A cute one of Madelin. She loves him, she really does.
Though you would not know it amongst the daily torture, teasing, and abuse she renders.

Owen on the move. He's so cute, I wanna bite him!

Swipe the pits... then, sniff the fingers. SUPER STAR!
Owen playin it cool and tuff. Madelin being cute.
Doesn't she look great in that color!

Owen finally smiling...and then Madelin talking.

Owen doin' an Easter jig. Madelin sighting aliens? Dunno!?

Thanks anyways Leah! You did great! Maybe we will try again! (Next time you need practice) Ha! Happy Easter everyone!


sara2delta said...

cuuuuuuuuuuute picks!!! they both look SOOO darn cute i need to kiss them all over!! love you

Abs and Me said...

Very cute Selena! I love the orange color!!! That's what I put my little girl in this year too!

melissa said...

cute pics selena. your kids are so stinking cute and getting so big! give them a kiss from auntie melissa. thanks for brunch the other day...we need to get together more i say. xoxo

Tara Hoppie said...

Great outfits for spring... Love your cute kids! I hope your Easter was great!

Lindsey Sharp said...

hey serena! your kids are so cute! hope you dont mind me taking a peak!!!
Lindsey Sharp

Anonymous said...

Aww. So cute! I loved all of your easter outfits. We will miss you guys!! Keep me updated on funny going ons!

Miss Molly said...

love you and your cuteness and want to see you...