Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Molly has arrived!

My sweet sister-in-law Jackie just had her first babe on Monday. When I first met Jack she was still so young, had never kissed a boy or worn a stitch of make-up. Over the years I've been a part of the Proctor fam, I have had the priviledge to watch Jackie grow into an incredible woman with so much talent and so much diligence in living as the Lord would want her to. She will be an excellent mother and she is so lucky to have Kyle, who will be able to match that excellence in his parenting. They are amazing people. Congrats to you! We are so excited to welcome a new cousin into our family. xo

Saturday, May 9, 2009


These awesome photos were taken by Angie Monson @!

frenchie pups!

It is a little sad for me to say that this was our last litter of pups! It is a tremendous amount of work and a lot of poop to clean up, but I love raising these sweet little things. Six litters later and I still cry every time one is sent off with his or her new family! Part of my sadness comes from the natural attachment I have from caring for them from birth, and of course taking them from their mama. The other part of my tears is happiness for the new fam. I know how much I love my doggies, as though they were my kids, and I know they will fall in love too. Congrats to all the new frenchy families out there! We will miss those pups! Visit any time.

puppy love