Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Father's Day...a little late.

Here is a pic of me and my cute pops. He is thee most compassionate, sensitive, caring man I have ever known. He is a good friend along with being my daddy!

Here are some funny pictures for you to get an idea about Brett and his work ethic!
We have a dad at our house who never stops working. If it's raining on Saturday, that doesn't stop him. He was out there all day, planting bamboo trees and diggin a fire pit. Doin' his part to make our yard a little better, one rainy Saturday at a time.
Just sprinkling at this point.

I love that there is a rainbow reflection in the window on this last pic. Just diggin in the rocky T-Mountain soil!

On a more serious note... I am really grateful for a husband who will never let his family go hungry. He would dig ditches, work at Maverick, or do what ever he had to, to make sure we survive. That gives me great comfort. I do my share of complaining about him being gone too much, but he is doing his best to provide for us and I thank him for it. Happy Father's Day rainman!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Proctor Calves

So, we just put our cute Madelin in her first "thing" besides preschool. Gymnastics! She LOVES it! We went to that ghetto, abandoned, Draper Outlets where there is a Danskin store with killer deals. I've found a good workout top or two there for $10 bucks, now and then. It just so happened that their girls gymnastics clothes were 40% off. So, we loaded up. She thought that leotards were the greatest thing ever. She was beaming after the first day and said on the way home, "mom, I sure do love my gymnastics....thanks for signing me up!" What three year old even knows we have to sign her up? (Mine does) Gosh, I love her!

Anyway, I could not help but notice her darling little calves while she tip toed across the beam and jumped and climbed on the gym equipment. I know it's sort of a silly blog to do, but I had to...

Madelin in her "onsie," as Brett calls it.

Madelin with one of the teachers behind her, just getting
ready to move her to the spot she is supposed to sit in.

Madelin sitting in the middle of the circle with the teacher for warm
ups instead of with the other children. (This is after that teacher moved her to a carpet square.
She picked hers up and moved it right back to the middle)

So, here are the calves that Brett does nothing for. Never does he hit the gym or run or even mountain bike, which he loves to do. He has no time for those things and hasn't for years with school and starting a practice etc. I totally made him take this pic, but it had to be done.

Here are my calves that I work my butt off for.

Here are Madelin's calves that she inherited from Brett. She does play a lot
and she's very active, but I am pretty sure they are all natural like Brett's. Lucky girl.

These are little Owee's calves. I couldn't get him to take a good pic, because he didn't understand what I was trying to tell him to do, but he has the beginnings of some really fabulous calves too!