Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Father's Day...a little late.

Here is a pic of me and my cute pops. He is thee most compassionate, sensitive, caring man I have ever known. He is a good friend along with being my daddy!

Here are some funny pictures for you to get an idea about Brett and his work ethic!
We have a dad at our house who never stops working. If it's raining on Saturday, that doesn't stop him. He was out there all day, planting bamboo trees and diggin a fire pit. Doin' his part to make our yard a little better, one rainy Saturday at a time.
Just sprinkling at this point.

I love that there is a rainbow reflection in the window on this last pic. Just diggin in the rocky T-Mountain soil!

On a more serious note... I am really grateful for a husband who will never let his family go hungry. He would dig ditches, work at Maverick, or do what ever he had to, to make sure we survive. That gives me great comfort. I do my share of complaining about him being gone too much, but he is doing his best to provide for us and I thank him for it. Happy Father's Day rainman!


Sarah and Ty said...

ahhh. You have a HUGE yard!!

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Tara Hoppie said...

Good job on the yard Brett, it looks great!

Selena, I love ya!

melissa said...

selena...such a cute picture of you and you dad! (but i am not sure what you are doing with your legs??) just jokes! look at your hubby in the rain working...did he know you were snapping pics of him??

Anonymous said...

Nice! It's lookin good back there. We're excited for some fun fires and bbq's!