Friday, July 3, 2009

A few fun summer tidbits

My sister in laws hubby has a grandpappy who is so kind to let us head down to his horse property now and then. The kids ride around and around on the horses and take turns until they no longer have the energy to say "me next, me next!" I didn't even get very good pics of them on the horses, but I got some cute ones of the cousins who are FINALLY back from school! We are so excited they are close now so we can do fun things together. I love this first picture of Owen talking so casually to the cows. It was way better in real life! Wished I had a camcorder.

This is Jamison, the oldest of the cousins. He is holding Jackie and Kyle's new pup! Yup, the ones that just had a new babe of their own! They are the type that can handle it! They just thought they'd throw a pocket beagle in the mix!
The one that looks like she is Madelin's sister is her cousin Brealyn. (I know I have to be spelling that wrong) The one on the left is Kyle's lil sis. Owen is just observing.

Owen was so ferociously saying "Vroom vroom!!" that I couldn't even get him to look up.

This is Kyle who was so nice to take us out on a super hot day and get the horses out and ready! Thanks again to you and Jackie for a fun day!

On my side of the fam it's just me. So the closest my kids get to cousins are my cousins kids. Makes sense, since my cousins are like sisters to me and my aunts have done so well to take care of me like a mom would since my mom has been gone. This was a day at the zoo with them.
Madelin looooves to hang with the older girls! Could have something to do with how she talks like she's 12. She got plenty of a attention this day!
Owee on the train. I love this sweet boy. He is no longer a babe. I'm a little sad about it.
My cousin Amy bought one of our pups and this is one of her girls(Lexi) with Gracie when they came to get her last set of shots.

This one makes me cry. This is my aunt Marian. She reminds me so much of my mom. When I hug her or hold her hand it is like my mom is right there with me. This picture makes me think Owen is just right in her arms. I miss her so badly.

This is all the girls. Madelin thinks she so cool. I have to admit, she is pretty freakin' cool!

Madelin being carried by McKenna. She did very little walking.

Our poor Owen pushes strollers around all day with his car inside of them. Gender confusion? I dunno. We need to hook this boy up for his 2nd bday. Bring on the tractors and power wheels! Sorry Owee!


Val said...

Selena! How are you girl? Your post made me blubber. I can only begin to imagine how much you must miss your mom. You are such an incredible example of strength. Could your kids be any cuter? I love all the B&W pics you have of them with the pups. Priceless. Take care, chicka...Love Ya!

Sarah and Ty said...

Now my turn with the tears. We are blessed, huh?? That's so good you have your aunt to sorta "fill in." I bet she loves having that role too. What great family pictures. You just don't get these days back. CHERISH!! love ya.

Lisa Moll said...

looks like a fun summer :) those kids are sure getting big!!!! i can't imagine how much you miss your mom but you have always been a source of strength and example to me in this regard. keep up the great pics :)

melissa said...

the kiddies love the animals dont they?? i already notice syd watch our dogs all the time. um...freaking cute beagle! i love beagles floppy and soft! poor owee with the trucks in the pink stroller...cute pictures hun.

sara2delta said...

have i mentioned how much i love your children? and how much madelin cracks me up??? (i think i spelled her name wrong)...

love you girl.