Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bear Lake Bliss!

We just got back from a lil trip to Bear Lake for my family reunion on my mom's side. As usual it was hard to be around all my aunts who each remind me of my mom in some way or another, but it was also such a good time. I love them so much, and my cousins too. We had so much fun, boating, wave running, diggin in the sand, getting roasted by the sun, swimming, eating, etc. Can't wait till next year!
Just thought it might be fitting to start with the most realistic pic of them all.
My darling kids fighting for a spot to sit.

Me and two of my cousins Amy 'n Stacy and me.
Please disregard the pot-bellied midget in the middle.
No, I'm not pregnant, though Madelin asks me at least once a week if I am.

Me and my life long friend Christin and her squisherific baby Olivia.
They are living up there right now and her husband manages the place I have gone to for my family reunion my whole life. (Ideal Beach) It was so great to stay with her for a bit and spend time with them and then get to be with my whole family too.
My funny kids in my uncle Tom's Kayak he brought. That's Madelin's cold water face and she's not even in the water. Ha!

Owen would NOT get out.

Cute Tom pullin' them around for a ride. He brought his sail boat last year.
We all took a spin in the kayak. The kids loved it sooo much.

All the kids were digging a whole while Brett and Owen filled it up with water.
Notice Owen urgently bolting back to the lake to fill his bucket. His hand is reached out to grab Brett's hand for a little assistance with his quickness.

filling the buckets

ready to go pour it in

The next project was to cover my cousin Jeremy's friend Jake with sand.
Owen loved this. Poor Jake got a little flick into his eyes and mouth here and there.

all done
one last flick of sand onto the chest

This is my cousin Jeremy. He burried his and Owens legs. Owen was laughing hard.

Christin's hubby Steve takin' Owen for a spin in the golf cart.

Baby Olivia with a bit of cereal on her chin! She is so smiley and sweet.
She was always giggling at my kids being silly.

So cute. The joy of summer and watermelon slices. My kids played in this tree forever and pretended it was their house.

Owen scootin' around the miles of sidewalk they have there.

Madelin cheesin'