Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lake Powell (A couple of months ago)

Owen's hair got whiter and whiter every day

Madelin playing with baby Rylee

Owen distraught that someone has dumped out his rock collection

Madelin doing some night rock climing

Owen entertaining Grandma

Owen fishing with daddy

Madelin snuggling up to Nate and Katie

At the end of August we went to Lake Powell with Brett's parents and siblings and a couple of aunts. It was a blast. We brought the boat and waverunners and had so much fun learning to wake surf . We had a great camping spot and yummy food. We each took a meal to be in charge of and it worked out great. The kids were filthy but happy. And the adults were just glad to have a break from real life. What better place is there to escape to, than Lake Powell. It's paradise.
So, ya know that girl that always has dead batteries in her camera and asks "will you please email me all the good pics you get of this?" That's me at every ocassion, vacation, etc. So thanks go to Jen who so kindly shared her jump drive of pics for me to blog with.
Nate and Katie. (Brett's bro and wifey)

Steph and Brock (Brett's sis and hubby)

Owen throwing his normal fits even tough there was nothing but dirt to throw himself down on.

Cute squishy Rylee with Jackie and Kyle's pup

Rylee taking over Oakley's bed

A spot to be crazy and daring. Look at that blue, blue sky. It is so beautiful there.

Me and Brett wave runnin'

Me wake surfin'

Brett wake surfing. He's pretty dang good at it.

So gorgeous

What a great pic Jen!

Brett's two fun aunts came along for the trip, and his cousin Kayla. It was fun to have them with us.

Jackie, Kyle, and Molly in her teensy tiny life jacket.


Sarah and Ty said...

fun!! makes me miss summer. I love the picture & caption for Owen throwing a fit in the dirt. LOL!!

McGuire's said...

Oh how fun!! Beautiful pictures. It's been way too long since i've been there. Lucky!

Jay and Mel said...

Oh my! These pictures make me so homesick. So, I love that you check out our blog every once in a while because I do the exact same thing. I cannot believe that you had actual pony rides in your backyard for your kids bday. Coolest partay on the block!!. I swear you can find anything on ksl. Also, I did not comment before but I LOVE the Proctor Calves post!! You have always had the most awesome legs!! Was that a requirement before you married your husband? He had to have great calves also!!? :) Your kids are so lucky. LOL!

Que Onda Clines said...

So jealous! I love Powell!

sara2delta said...

MAN am i jealous you guys have a boat of your own...

i MISS lake powell. missed it this year. never again i tell you!

CUTE pics!