Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More of Owen's birthday in CO

Owen's birthday landed over a weekend when we went out to visit Steph and Brock (Brett's sister and hubby) in Colorado. Stephanie was nice enough to make Owen a cake. He was so happy about it. Love his smile.

Me and Steph got to go get a pedicure while the boys watched the tykes.

We visited Brocks sister where Madelin and Owen got to collect the eggs out of her hen house.

They were a bit scared, but then they got in there and got em.

Little Rylee got stuck in the 3rd row of the Pilot. She was a good sport.

We went up to their cabin for a night and Brett took the kids for a long ride on the four wheeler. So long that I went looking for them.

Cheese ball kids

The weeds outside were too dry and hazardous to have a campfire, so we improvised and Madelin and Steph roasted marshmallows on the stove.

They were dirty kids and we threw em all in together to get fresh and clean.

We always have fun in CO. We hope to go again soon.