Monday, October 26, 2009


Me and a few of the fun girlies in my ward went to the witches night at Gardner Village. It was a blast. We danced for quite a while which I miss doing terribly. We were highly entertained by the crazy people there in their amazing costumes and we ate all kinds of delicious treats. In a two hour span I ate 1/2 of a caramel apple (Shared with Sarah B), a whole sack of those yummy cinnamon sugar coated almonds, and 1/2 of a GINORMOUS scone (shared with Shellie V.) covered in butter and some more cinnamon and sugar. It was really quite enjoyable.
My favorite person there was the lady with the pumpkin boobs! Isn't she great?

These are the girls I went with. Krista, the scary one in front, was highly entertaining. She scared so many people by jumping out from hiding spots. We laughed all night.

Sorry so blurry, but it's all I got! This is me and Shellie. She has become a close friend to me.
She is one of thee most selfless, and genuinely caring people I know.

This is Tara. She is my amazing friend who never slows down, always has a smile on her face and a good piece of advice.

This was my 2nd fave . She looked way cooler in person walking around.


Shellie said...

You are so sweet! Thanks! I feel the same way about you.

Rochelle said...

Looks like fun! You girls are so cute!!

sara2delta said...


Jay and Mel said...

I love the witches costumes. That looks like such a fun event to go to with your girlfriends. Great friends are so important to have. I'm so glad you are doing so well. BTW, Steph and I will have to come visit you over Christmas!!