Monday, November 16, 2009


We love Halloween @ our house! The kids loooove that mom and dad dress up with them. I always try to be a little crafty and make at least one of our costumes. Owen was the lucky candidate. In case you don't know who I am supposed to be, I am Tiger Lilly, the only other girl role in Peter Pan besides Wendy. I didn't want to be Wendy and wear a nightgown! A shout out to Katie who let me use her old wig so I could be a brunette without dying my locks of gold! It is a good wig, made of real hair so I had at least half a dozen people ask if I died my hair just for Halloween.
I love Owen's huge feather that's almost as long as his arm. Ha. They didn't have smaller ones at the craft store. We got to trick or treat with our cousins this year and it was sooo fun. Thanks for the invite Jeana!
Brett making Rylee wet herself! Poor girl.

The girlfriend Owen found along his way while trick or treating.

Coldie Owee. Loud Madi-loo

The attempted pic to get all the cousins in one shot. (Ya right)

Steph and her cute kitty cat

Grandma and the baby chick! He was my favorite. His Martha Stewart of a mom made it (no offense Jeana) But that woman can make anything.... really any thing at all

Madelin... so happy to be with her cousin Braelyn. They don't look a bit alike. Check out Madelin's running shoes so she can get the most candy in the least amount of time.

Owen at the ward party, asking with his snot-nosed puppy dog face for yet another piece of candy. How could I say no?

Me and my cute kiddos. The reason why Owen is showing a little shoulder is because I made his costume. Sorry buddy!


Crazies. I love Owen in this one, joining in on the silly faceness

For those of you who don't live in Utah, if you are ever passing through during the fall, make sure you get to cornbelly'ss. It's a kids dreamland of super fun fall activities! We love it. We went during the day with our good friends, the VanOrman family and then got sitters at night and went back as couples to do the corn maze and ride the mechanical bull and do the scary stuff kids wouldn't like. Don't be alarmed by this first photo...It's only my inner thigh 10 days after riding the mechanical bull! Brett will die of embarrassment that I posted this, but I had to share. FYI: It didn't hurt while I was riding, but both of my inner thighs got bruised like this and lasted for over 2 weeks! Please disregard the super white pastiness!

My princess and her prince brother

Owen sword fighting with a random scarecrow thing. Check out that forward lunge as he strikes!

the princess pumpkin carriage

The corn box (like a sandbox, only better)

Fun swings made out of old tires. I love this girl in her cowgirl boots.

Owen on the shark swing

Madelin after she mastered the kids corn maze. So proud.

The guys racing the pedal tractors

Me and Owen squeezing into the kids cow train
Madelin snuggled with Westley, her man of choice. He says he's going to marry her. It was such a beautiful sunny day, as you can see. We had so much fun. Let's do it again next year Van-O fam!


Rachelle Van Wagoner said...

You totally look good burnette! We love Halloween too! Looks like you guys had so much FUN!!!

Shellie said...

Sounds good to me! That WAS a bad bruise! Now I'm glad I chickened out on that one. Maybe next year:)

Anonymous said...

Love your costumes! We missed you guys this halloween!

Watkins said...


sara2delta said...

it does look like you dyed your hair what a great wig! youre supamodel and your kids are sooo freaking cute. maddie's running shoes to get the most candy?? hahahah! and that lil chicken costume is to die for!

Anonymous said...

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