Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cuties Conversing

Owen: (pointing to the dogs, one at a time) "Mom! Dat dog name Dar! (Darla)
Dat dog name Jama! (Jamba)"
Mom: (pointing to Owen) "What's that dogs name?"
Owen: (laughing) "Mom... I not doggie!! I'n Owee!"
Mom: (pointing to myself) What this dogs name?
Owen: (laughing even harder) "You not doggies mom, you Owen mom"
Mom: "So my name is mom?"
Owen: "No, it's Lena"
Madelin: (driving in the car) "Mom, my foot has a fever!"
Mom: "Do you mean your feet are hot?"
Madelin: "No, just one foot has a fever and I need you to pull it out with those silver pinchy things
(tweezers) as soon as we get home!"
Mom: "Oh, a sliver?"
Madelin: (laughing) "oh, ya....silly me!"


Jenn said...

hehe i love them.

Jacquelyn said...

cute... i can totally hear it.

Anonymous said...

haha. Those are some cute funny kiddos you have.

Ashley said...

I love those fun conversations. Cute. Thanks for sharing.

sara2delta said...

this may be the cutest thing i have ever read in my entire flipping life.

Steph and Brock said...

"Lena" -- that's hilarious! I can't wait till Rylee starts talking and I can make semi sense of her jibberish.

melissa said...

how do you not laugh while talking with these silly kids of yours?? so fun!!

Kara said...

So cute! Hey I called you and you didn't answer poopstain. Haha! We are coming up there this weekend as in tomorrow and I want you to answer your phone so we can come see you or meet up somewhere.