Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Madelin's Warning to Owen

This week while I was decorating the house with Christmas parifanalia and what not, madelin was "organizing" the stuff I was trying to put together and Owen was of course running around naked as we are potty training him. He is always the first to find the scissors if they are out. I turned around from tying a bow onto the garland just in time to see Owen with scissors pointing down, just centimeters away from his little peeper, just snipping & snipping, with both hands opening and closing the scissors, at a rather speedy pace. I, in my spastic, panicked/ concerned for my childs possible lack of future generationness voice, yelled "Owen! Your're gonna cut your pee-pee off!!!" Madelin, without skipping a beat, as she rarely does, said, "Ya! And then you'll have a girl pee-pee and all the other kids will laugh at you!" Yes, I laughed good and hard at that one....after swiftly removing the scissors from Owens hands of course! I love my kids. The excitement never subsides at our house.