Saturday, December 12, 2009

State Farm Fair

This reindeer wanted his garland of a necklace OFF! Owen was just entranced. He wouldn't look at me to take a pic.

Still so amazed by it.

Madelin flew onto Santa's lap and hugged him around the neck. Owen ran to him too, but hopped off just as fast as he hopped on, so there's not picture of him.

The State Farm bear with my kids (character 1)

The Subway Sandwich with my kids (character #2) and their favorite, by the way.

The clown with my kids (character #3)

These pics are from a State Farm insurance fair that Brett had a booth at. My kids wanted a picture with every weird dressed up person there...including the sandwich from the Subway booth. Ha. Owen had a chocolate chip cookie in one hand and a candy cane in the other most of the time. So he was a happy little guy. They had Santa and his reindeer there so the kids were lovin' that. Random post, I know. I'll have better stuff next time.