Saturday, December 4, 2010

Biggest Longest Years' Worth of Bloggage

Yes folks I was absent from the blogging world for a whole year!! Last post was last Christmas. You have all harrassed me to come back and of course I didn't think I could stand to do it without catching it up first. Month after month passed and I finally did it...all in one night too! I figured I am up every five seconds with my new babe anyway, why try to sleep in between. If you have some serious time on your hands go ahead and take a peek at our whole 2010! Feels good to be back. ;D

Our new arrival

My cute neighbor, Leah took these newborn pics of Hudson. She hasn't been doing photography very long but you would never know it. Look at how great these are!


Nothing's like a newborn

My cute dad with his 3rd grandbaby

proud dad

I love how his cheek is sucked in as he puckers to kiss baby

She was instantly in love

My helpers helping with Hudson's bath

He was surprisingly calm for his first bath

Fall Fun!

We went trick or treating with our cousins again this year.
Owen is a blur in this pic.

Brett was a good sport and wore a skeleton "onsie" as he calls it this year
...all for the kids

My cute pirates

off and running

baby skeleton and my baby's daddy

poor dogs

Jamba is so patient

love my dogs


My kids love this place. A pic with the pumpkin princess
big jumping entertaining

Twas a cold gray day. But it was our second time there since we got rained out the first time and they gave us rain check tickets.

Our pumpkins.

pumpkin guts

Time for Owen's white summer hair to get a cut :(

He turned his head while i was doing the side of his head with a level 4 on the buzzers. The outcome was an all over buzz, just in time for the cold weather to settle in.

Crazy hair day at school. I know, not very creative, but she loved it.


We tried soccer with Madelin this year. so much. She did cartwheels and army crawls on the field. She helped babysit the coaches triplets on the sidelines when she was supposed to be rotating in and playing. She asked the coach if she could rotate out early, at least twice a game. She did enjoy the half time snack and post-game treat every game and the social aspect. Kind of a lot of driving and time and energy spent by her big pregnant mom just for that. Oh well, she had fun and that's the point, right?
This was the last game when they all got their medals.

Owen chatting with one of the triplets.

We saw a lot of this

and this
(the babysitting)
(triplet #2)
and this
(triplet #3)
practice at the park

good stance

just stretchin' the old arms out since we use em a lot in soccer

maybe next year...... maybe not