Friday, December 3, 2010

Bear Lake!

Princess Madelin lounging in the sun

Two of Owen's favorite and his shark towel
dirty butt

My cousin Jeremy who was gracious enough to let my kids help bury him

My aunts Mary and Marian

Mary, me, and my cousin Amy

Diggin' with dad (or watching dad dig)

Pretending to be a shark with dad

Owen was loving the attention he got from all my cousins little girls. there are four of them around that baby sitting age and they were so cute with my kids. This is Lexi. Don't know how her tiny little body carried him around.

They all got to tie-dye t-shirts

They got to go rock climbing

Owen's little harness was so cute

My aunt Connie and my cousin Ashley took Madelin out in the raft

Madelin and Lexi

My aunt Diane always plans fun stuff for the kids to do. This was a matching game with all their birthdays. They each got a dollar once they found their name. so cute. She also does a money hunt in a big pile of saw dust. The kids love it.

i love this girl

This was hours of entertainment for him...
filling it up, squirting, fill it up, squirt...over and over

They put a water slide in this year!! They could have done this all day.

Look at Owen soakin it up

Madelin with Mckenna

Madelin and Bella. (my cousin Shelby's little girl) She is so sweet and well behaved.

Collecting shells

Don't you just want to bite him? He is so funny.

My cousin Shelby and her daughter Bella. Shelby is my age and has been battling cancer for 5 or 6 years now. Several surgeries to chop it out of her leg and replace most of her leg bones with hardware, chemo, and all the other challenges that come with it. She was in good enough health this year to come out from Oregon and come to Bear Lake with us. She reminds me of my mom because of her good attitude about it all. She is so tough about it and just rolls with the punches the way my mom did with her health issues. It inspires me to be grateful for my health and to never complain when things are hard.

Shelby, me & baby, Sydney (Shelby's sister)

Shelby, Me & baby