Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our new arrival

My cute neighbor, Leah took these newborn pics of Hudson. She hasn't been doing photography very long but you would never know it. Look at how great these are!


Nothing's like a newborn

My cute dad with his 3rd grandbaby

proud dad

I love how his cheek is sucked in as he puckers to kiss baby

She was instantly in love

My helpers helping with Hudson's bath

He was surprisingly calm for his first bath


Trish said...

He is adorable!!!! Congrats! Are we really neighbors and never see each other? LOL!

Our Loved-up Family said...

Congrats on producing another perfect baby, he is gorgeous:)

Jenn said...

wow, great photographer. i need to see Hudson again, he is too precious.
ok, just looked at the rest of your blog, where have a i been? All your pictures are so fun. Your family is getting big!

The Sanders said...

Beautiful pictures...Hudson is so handsome! And you look great! Congrats again!

Jacquelyn said...

Ok i loved all of these posts. Wow! so fun to look at. These pictures of Hudson are adorable, she did a great job.

Rachelle VDub said...

SO cute!!! I cant wait to see him! And I love those newborn pics!!!

Ashley said...

He is so handsome! And don't you look so good for just having a baby. Congrats! Wish I could see you guys. Sometime when I am in Utah we will have to get together.

Kara said...

Sel Sel he is darling!!! I'm so happy for you and your cute family! Love you guys!

The Reeds said...

The pics turn out cute. I was so excited to see them. :) Thanks for letting Madelin come play. It ment the world to Peyton.

The McEwans said...

K, so I just read the last two years of your life, and was thoroughly entertained! Your baby is beautiful! He looks a ton like Owen to me! Anyways, we really do need to hang out sometime...girls lunch?

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