Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pirate Pool Party

Since the kids' birthdays are just two week apart we like to combine their parties into one big, invite the whole neighborhood, do something super fun, party. Last year we did pony rides and this year we rented a blow up jumpy house/water slide thingy. It was a good choice. They were so happy. Lots of kids showed up and had a blast. No serious injury occurred which was amazing. 'Twas a bit overcast and chilly, but the kids didn't even notice.

shivering Owen

Love his white summer hair

Madelin and two of her girlfriends Andie and Emma

The cake. I am so proud of myself. I hafta say. Found the idea on Betty

Brett's mom was a huge help. This is her making sure everyone got a cupcake.

The Grandpas

Owen givin' his pirate pinata a good smack

Madelin asking how many times she's supposed to hit it

Opening presents. Next year I'm putting "gifts not necessary" on the invite.
It was seriously like a wedding. Thanks to everyone anyway!
Don't know what we can do next year that will be as fun as that was!? Ideas anyone?


Sarah said...

That cake is something to brag about! Amazing!!